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spam without a body are not accepted by spamcop


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Recently, I've started to receive spam that do not contain a body, the entire spam is in the subject line. I tried to report them to spamcop but the online form rejects my submission because there is no body. I sort of tricked the form by adding a bunch of random characters as a body.

Here is an example of the subject line from a spam without body:

Subject: Attention,  I have deposited your Consignment Trunk Box of ($4.8Million) dollars with FedEx Courier Company,so please re-confirmed your personal information such as to them.ask them for the Consignment box 1. Your full name.. 2. Address where you will like it to be sent.. 3. Private phone and fax number.. 4. Your age.. 5. Attached / scanned copy of any identification of yours..  ATTN: DR.JERRY COOK EMAIL: banktobank13@gmail.com Tel: +22998437846 EMAIL: banktobank13@gmail.com Thanks and Remain Blessed, Best Regards, Mrs. Douglas Smith


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