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~75% of reports disappear!


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Approximately 75% of my submissions disappear without generating a report; this began approximately 6 months ago and I sent an email to 'deputies@' and received a response that any submissions received are acted on.

I send my reports in as 'mime digests' containing 1 to 1000 spams per submission with an individual mail limit of 10MB via a 'distribution list' to spamcop, knujon, and FTC.  As a test I added an email account outside my ISP as a 4th destination for a week and that account received 100% of the outgoing spam digests; however, spamcop processed less than 25% of the submissions.

Assuming that more than a single processing instance exists is there a possibility that one or more of them are having problems?  Any other ideas?

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if your 'mime digests' contain the full headers and message text of up to 1000 spams in the proper format this might work.


Did it ever work ?


Could the format have changed ?


Sending a copy to a 4th mailbox is a good check - look to see if it is identical to a email with multiple attached emails.

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