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Hi I would ask about spam from trump .I can't stop it.I reported it all day and nothing .Please give my some advice .How to stopped it.


I'm living in Poland not in USA ..






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As nearly as I can tell, the contribution link seems to point to an actual Republican Party website (action.gop.com), and the name of the mail host mail3.action.gop.com does properly trace to the address so on that basis I am assuming it is not some third-party scammer who wants $35.00 from you. You could call this a "mainsleaze" spam if you like, a "legitimate" organization brazenly using unsolicited e-mail for promotion.

As you know, it's election season here in the U.S., and this sort of thing happens a lot.

I wouldn't expect much response from the providers or even from the GOP itself, unfortunately. There is a removal link visible in the header you posted, you can try it if you like, but personally I would not use it myself. It might not be in full compliance with the CAN-spam law here in the U.S., but that doesn't mean much these days.

The best thing you could do for now is to put the e-mail addresses email@gop.com and teamtrump@trump2016.com on a "blacklist" in your mail client so at least the messages will be discarded on your machine before you have to look at them. Or, like me, you could report them all through SpamCop with hopes that the provider will take some action.

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The really bad news is that when the CAN-spam law was written by politician, they made themselves exempt from the law.

By my count this is the second cycle of the American political campaign asking for money from non-US citizens.  Which to my understanding is not legal.

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