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Name.com doesn't take responsibility


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I get spam which are directing the user to dating sites. All the dating sites are registered to the registrar Name.com. According to them they are neither the webhost, internet provider or administrator for those domains and also says they weren't used to distribute the domains and says they are not the correct party to contact regarding this matter and should contact the webhost for the domain.

Well i agree that i also should contact the webhost but doesn't they also take part since the spam are referencing the domains in question?

What should i do?



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9 hours ago, Dave_L said:

Domain name registrars don't seem to care how their customers use the domains, as long as they pay the registration fees.

Have you reported the spam to the email source provider(s) and the web host provider(s)?

That's must be illegal? Does everyone US registrar act that way or is it just NAME.COM?

Of course and Cloudflare the webhost have gotten all my Spamcop reports for months now but it seems they either don't care or read them.

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