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very strange report results


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Hi, I just submitted some spam and got the report https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6325337362zc09890f66e8db77091562e43958c9db1z

The "report spam to" lines are

forged-ip@don.spamcop.net  and  fbl-spamcop@ext.godaddy.com

I am a noob, but the appearance of spamcop's name in these seems suspicious to me.  Is this some spammers attempt to avoid being reported?  Should I go ahead and click "send reports" on this?

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Right, I have not seen a parse like that either.  However, reading between the lines:

Looking at the parsing process there are several errors found so the header could not be properly parsed.  Don was an active director until his passing so the email forged-ip{AT}don.spamcop.net could be a hard coded notice to Don of this error path results.

Doing a whois on the domain sirithaipdx.com reveals that GoDaddy issues the domain name. The fbl-spamcop{AT}...  address looks to me like it could be an address developed by Godaddy and spamcop to get reports through the spam filters at godaddy.

Am I guessing? you betcha!

To answer you question, "YES" click send reports.

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