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Qmail and X-RBL tagged mail error.


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I send a mail to myself using my ISP SMTP server and this mail was tagged with the X-RBL header

X-RBL: (bl.spamcop.net) tells us see http://spamcop.net

by Qmail against the bl.spamcop.net black list.

So I went to spamcop.net to check wich of the servers was black listed (I feared), but none of the servers mentionned in the mail header was registerded in bl.spamcop.net

Do you have any idea of what happend ?


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You will have to figure out what server added the X-RBL: line and ask their administrator to explain.

While you are at it, have them reformat their message to more accurately describe why the header is there. You can point them to here for a good example of a block message. That example is for sendmail, but gives the basic text that should be used.

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