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Please remove identification from links reported!


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I have experienced an unfortunate side effect of reporting spam email. Previously I've received about 15-20 spam email each day and started reporting them to SpamCop.

The nice part is that it has resulted in some responses which is great! The bad part... the people reading the reports are CLICKING THE LINKS... Which has EXPLODED my inbox to 200+ spam emails every day...

"How can you be sure?", well call it a hunch but it exploded right after i started with reporting the emails, where the normal 15-20 emails daily were my normal amount for years.

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If it makes a difference, i just started submitting today because my 2-6 spams/day jumped to 25-50 in the past few days.  This isn't the result of my submissions. because I haven't had any until today.  It's some new trick that my lazy isp has not adapted to.   the new spam looks like the old spam, but about 50% has a forged header from outlook.com or office365.com.  There's a ton more "information" in the headers of almost all my spam now, which I think has broken my ips's old filter. 

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Assuming the subject of this thread is what you want, have you looked at your reporting preferences?  Login to you SpamCop account, then click on <Preferences> then <Report Handling Options>, then make a selection under "spam Munging" and then click <Save Preferences> at the bottom of the screen.

Of course if you provided a Tracking URL others could provide more useful information about your issue. No one here can "see" what you are talking about.

Perhaps reading about being a "Mole" would help (under <Help> <SpamCop Parsing and Reporting Service> <What is "Mole" Reporting>

RobseRob, have you read <Help> <SpamCop Parsing and Reporting Service> <SpamCop Parsing and Reporting Service> <What happened to all the ISP replies?>

That may answer your questions about the links in your reports.  If not rephrase your question and we will try again.

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Hi Rob,

My guess is that it might not only be the link. In the 4-5 spams per day I receive, there's always some funky headers that a here clearly to identify me:

Whiskers-Antoine: 1d6826c4286aaa6
Documenter-Acuity-Orangutan: 34

As I have spent already quite some time reporting spam, I can recognize most of them and delete them before submitting the spam to spamcop. Otherwise, I have also seen other funky properties in the html of the mail :

   <td hawaii="eloquently" style="background:#25242a;font-family:arial;font-weight:normal;font-size:14px;color:#33ae23;">  

I also manually delete the hawaii part before submitting, and slightly change the color code, just I case they are that much clever.

For the url, if you are slightly used to it, you can also sometimes recognize the identifying part yourself. www.url.com/compromized.php?id=3409238

That being said, it would be next to impossible for spamcop to automate this process as each provider (sender and receiver) might have quite some strange stuff in there as well. Also, as soon as there are fixed rules, the spammers might get to know them in order to avoid them.

But yeah, I totally understand your frustration. But to stay positive, a few years ago, through reporting to spamcop, I managed within a month to cut spam from 50 spams per day to around 5-6 per day.

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