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Forwarding links within emails.


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I have been inundated with emails from several spammers who use forwarding links within their emails to hide the sites they are trying to promote. When reporting these spammers, I have been using firefox to post the history in order to get some results. The problem is, I have been finding result like:




These are the sites that have been forwarding links:



So, the question is, is the scri_pt used by spamcop to report spam reporting deep enough so that the web sites profiting from these messages are being dealt with? It would be nice to see something done about these spammers, who have adapted their strategies to counter existing reporting techniques.



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At the top of the screen after you press the <Process spam> button you should see a Tracking URL, a link that looks like


If you would provide an example that would let the rest of us see how the parser processed you spam and we could then better help you understand the results.

The three @devnull.spamcop.net emails you provided are used for internal spamcop tracking and indicate that spam reports were not sent for any of several reasons. See Reports sent to SpamCop addresses

From the information provided, I can not tell if any of the reports generated are a result of links in the body of the spam or are all from the spam delivery path.

Also keep in mind that links in the body of the spam are the lowest spamcop priority, following (2) sending spam reports for you and (1) collecting information for the Blocklist.

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Newest one:


Keep in mind, I followed the link and posted the URLs it hit along the way. They were:



Without them, the spammers continued spamming since the scan appeared to be surface instead of in-depth. For now, if there is no other way, I will just continue following and posting the links for reporting.

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