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Could a 'Spamvertised web site' blacklisted in SpamCop lead to Server IP address traffic block?


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We recently received notify from our network administrator/SpamCop said that:

Spamvertised web site: .......

We notice that someone is pointing that domain to our server and sending spam message. We do not control that domain and we have blocked that domain header from accessing contents on our server.

We also report  'URL used without permission" or "This website is disabled" to Spamcop. We have done it again and again for few times because the attacker changes their domain and SpamCop keep sending these reports to our network administrators.

Recently, our server cannot receive connections from international network to port 80 and our network ISP said that the connection has been blocked from international because the server is listed on SpamCop blacklist. We have asked them to unblock the traffic and it's working now normally. However I'm afraid this issue come again.

I'm not sure it's true or not. Please let me know how to resolve this issue. Thank you all!





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Hi Guido and welcome,

Spamcop blocks nothing - it can't, spamcop merely lists email servers that are sending out spam. SOME server administrators use that list to either reject or quarantine emails. Spamcop does NOT list web-servers (HTTP), only email (SMTP) servers so your host has no need to worry. A copy of complaints is sent to the the administrators of web-servers mentioned in the spam merely as a courtesy.

You should, however, look to a system of confirmed opt-in for your mailing lists.


Dear Derek,

Thank you very much for answer my question. I just have an another question. In my case, could that "Spamvertised web site: ......." warning lead Spamcop to blacklist my server IP address? I'm tired when someone creating their  .xyz or .xxx domain or whatever and point it to our server to smear us , and my network administrator warning me for what I never done.


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