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New user/not seeing webform for spam submit

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Hello SC, I'm a new user & have registered, when logging in I'm seeing a field labeled 'ISP control center' with the options to 'find reports' or 'close issues' & not seeing the regular report form with the 'process spam' button. Is there a waiting time frame after registering before I can report? Thanks for the help.

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I don't know, I have never seen a page like that. A couple of options:

  • You have reported before I take it from your post.  Have you configured your mailhosts?  If not maybe you have reported yourself.
  • Is the 'ISP control center' page generated by your browser or your Internet Service Provider (trying to be helpful)?  In either case there should be clues on the page or by looking at the address bar in your browser.  If it is a SpamCop page the IP should start with https://www.spamcop.net/

If that doesn't help you figure it out, post the IP from your browser so maybe we can see what you see and someone here can help figure is out.


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I have reported & was helping a co-worker sign up, unfortunately not having a lot of luck. I have not configured any mail hosts, the only thing I did is change the password. I have not reported myself. I work in the data center for a large organization & that is an ISP. The tabs I have when logging in at spamcop.net (also tried members.spamcop.net) are: statistics - control center - preferences - request reports - show routes

I'm not seeing the 'mailhosts' tab as I do for my account. I saw in the help section it stated login at spamcop.net or members.spamcop.net, etc, 'depending on the account' you have, but I didnt know there was more than one account type so maybe I have some type where I cant report. I have been a member for about 5 years & I thought something must have changed but didnt see any topics regarding not seeing the web submit form, so I figured some how something went wrong.  We'll try registering again with a different email address & see how it goes. My coworker is signing up to help combat an ongoing campaign we're receiving - constant spam with obscured subject lines & using the same three URL's in the body, ie.   http://w.almaanal.com/   I thought two of us reporting was better than one, never had such an ongoing spam attack like this, but I'm sure the spamming wont be less any time soon. Thanks for the help.

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Sorry, with more thinking I have found the problem. (The "live" screen shot didn't work).

There are really two (2) types of spamcop login accounts, one for reporting spam, and one for managing other things.

Your friends account somehow has managed to get into the second database.  you need to contact a deputy to get the flag in the new account changed.

Here in the forum go to <browse> then <staff> scroll down so you see "Richard W" and send him a message explaining the problem, giving him the username of your friends account and also yours, other details etc.

To be truthful, I can't remember the process for getting the second account (it is by Invitation only), and having two accounts from the same server/IP may have created the problem and needs to be fixed.

Keep me posted on resolution.

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