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hi i am oldie, silver surfer needing help


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The most direct approach to reduce the spam in your inbox is to; first try working with hotmail/gmail or whoever provides you email service to implement email filter to email before delivering they are delivered to your inbox.  Secondly, a more involved approach would be to implement your own filtering depending on how you receive you email.

If you receive your email on a web page from hotmail/gmail/yahoo etc. to my knowledge the only approach is to work with the filters those applications provide.  Check under "options" to be sure email filtering is "on" and read how to train the filters to catch the spam before putting email into your inbox.

If you receive your email on your computer/device using an application like Thunderbird, most have a process to filter email.  Again check with the application HELP to see how to implement included filtering.  Other security applications, like Norton or McAfee, can also be used to help identify spam in incoming email. Some of these security applications are free.

This forum is more directly involved in a less direct approach to fighting spam on the internet by providing example spam to help develop a blocking list. This blocking list must then be used by your Internet Service Provider, ISP, to effect your spam load.

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Thank you for your reply, i have been using the headers and footers to identify where to block them, would anyone on here be interested in the headers and footers of these emails, they are sending out so many its driving me nuts. If so where do i put them please?

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