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False reports, what to do?


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I run a business doing price comparison of goods in different online shops.
Result of comparison subscribed users recieving by email.
Users subscribing by themselves on my site.
I got into situation when one of the users claims I am doing spam.
I have replied to email from SpamCop, but it was unsuccessful and were ignored.
User have an easy option to unsubscribe of his email by simply following a link in the email, but instead he wrote a complain.
How to resolve the issue?
Can you please tell me how can I defend myself against such fake complaints, and how should I act in this situation?
Thank you.

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17 hours ago, gevanton said:

Users subscribing by themselves on my site.

Does the subscription process use CONFIRMED OPT-IN? If you don't know what that means, here's an explanation: https://www.spamhaus.org/faq/section/Marketing FAQs#15

If the email addresses in your list were not obtained using confirmed opt-in, then you should:

1. Delete the list.

2. Start building a new mailing list, using a confirmed opt-in process.

Also: At the location where users subscribe to your mailing list, ensure that there is a clear explanation of what kind of information will be included in the mailings. If the mailings will include advertisements, that should be stated.


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