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removing my name from spam headers


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Sometimes the spam comes in and the subject line contains my own email address.  (eg, "Morg2, get rich quick").  If I click "send reports" from the spamcop report, the report of course shows the spam's subject line.  And if that subject line has my name, everyone involved in the handling of this report will see it.  I tried to simply highlight and delete, but that isn't available from the "send report" web page.  Is there a way to process such spam without sharing my name?

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Login to your reporting account and go to <preferences> <Reporting preferences> and scroll down to "spam Munging"  There are three options. https://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=showadvanced

JMHO but I am not sure what difference it makes.  I have chosen to "Leave the spam copies intact"  My reasoning is that the spammer already has my email address. The only thing they learn is ~ I reported their email to me as spam.  If they wash my email from their list, this is good.  If they choose to flood me with spam they will reveal which IP and domains they have at their disposal.  That too is good.  I also believe Spammer Rule #3 is true: "Spammers are stupid" See. Either action is more effort than any spammer will bother to do.

So with SpamCop removing your full email, with only Morg2 which domain do they send the email to? gmail? aol? msn? Its like knowing only someone's first name and trying to find them in the NYC phonebook.

If you use the web page to submit spam you could edit the Subject line after pasting the email into the block.


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