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Whitelists and spammers using them

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Occasionally a spammer will use one of my whitelisted addys.

This is not a problem now, but it could get out of control. How do I automate verifying these emails?

I audit my email delivery routes periodically, just to check for problems. Spammers have been Joe-jobbing me of late and it is funny how they "think" :huh: that it will bring trouble back to me.

Are they trying to test my knowledge of "bounce" messages?

(I've had those too)

Any help is appreciated,

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Headed into Day 2 with no response. This suggests a couple of things. Lets start with the obvious; Did you post this in the right place? The Forum title and description for this section reads;

SpamCop Email Setup

This forum is for discussing setting up a new SpamCop Email account.

But your question doesn't seem to be one of trying to work out how to get your e-mail app, ISP, and / or SpamCop e-mail account working in harmony.

How do I automate verifying these emails?

I find this question more than a bit cloudy. You started out by suggesting that by whitelisting addresses, they "made it" ... the next step was that some of those whitelisted addresses were forged, thus also "making it" ... but you're asking for an automated method of detecting whether the address was whitelisted as a valid address or whitelisted as a forged address. From all the guidance and suggestions I've seen for setting up the filters on the SpamCop E-Mail side, I'd say no, not at the SpamCop side. Instructions seem to indicate that the whitelist 'filters" here are basically like a text file to which you can add your contents.

If you access your SpamCop e-mail account via POP3 with your r-mail app, perhaps you could write additional filtering / rule sets at your end to further handle this e-mail as it arrives on your system? This hasn't a thing to do with accessing your account "here" via web-mail or IMAP.

But I'm just tossing stuff out here, again, as no one has jumped in and explained things better, maybe I'll suggest you try again, re-phrasing the question, perhaps adding in some details like how you access your SpamCop e-mail account .... Secondarily, maybe tell me that you agree that perhaps this should be moved into another Forum, probably the SpamCop E-mail Forum that is there to cover problems with the use of the account .. normally this would show up "after" one got the account "set-up" ..??

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