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Revoke Outdated ARIN

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I don't quite know how it all works, but can ARIN/APNIC/(whoever) revoke addresses if the provider cannot be reached?

A spam IP of shows the abuse contact of p01243 [at] psilink.com, but it's being devnull'd because of bounces.

The domain itself is up for sale.

ARIN info comes up with fake information: https://whois.arin.net/rest/org/AACS-1/pocs

"There is no known POC for this organization..." for 7 years. The phone number listed goes to a fax/modem.

Would it be fruit(ful/less) for me to notify ARIN and see about having the entire mask pulled? Maybe they can just sell the range to someone else.

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I thank the difference between CAN ARIN revoke, SHOULD they, and WILL they revoke needs to be considered at length.  If you realize success it will be a first.


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