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Reports not working, spam is still coming from same host


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I write here because for over 1 month im aggressively targeted by very complex spam (they send like one spam email for military flashlights, one for russian sex, one for drugs like cannabis oil etc.) and i need help. Usually i ignored it but yesterday i couldn't takie it anymore as it started sometimes to bypass website version of outlook spam filters and let these spam emails with links to websites full of malicious code between my daily normal emails :/

My first report that i submitted yesterday stopped spam for 16 hours (before that i got it every 2-3 hours). One hour ago same spammer started sending exactly same emails but with very little modifications in message source code and now SpamCop detects possibly wrong ISP for spam as the old one still appear in message source code.

One of these spam messages i reported yesterday: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6374419219z7ee4478d23a2293c92d044f198701d46z

My today report that i cancelled as i wasn't sure what to do: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6374483393z996eb096a07213f0c56c5f8c2b2b8561z

Today report that i've send had this message from SpamCops system " discarded as a forgery" but i'm unsure of that. I did little research and ip address "" belongs to "Dom Tehniki Ltd" in Russia. This company is very suspicious as i couldn't find single thing what they do. Their website (dom-tehniki) is just empty white page. If someone could guide me what to do and how to handle next reports from same spammer it would be awesome.


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