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Safari Browser generates error

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While trying to process a spam report using the Safari Browser, I encountered the following error message:

500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, your request could not be processed.

Rest assured that this problem will be fixed. Please re-try the operation which caused this error in a minute or two. You can even leave this error screen open and use your browser's "reload" button to re-try. Please do not press reload repeatedly though. Pressing the button more often does not resolve the problem faster. It just makes a bad situation worse.

If you believe this is a bug which occurs only under specific circumstances (rather than a temporary, general problem), please click on "Help" above and report the problem in the forum with as much detail as you can.

This error page does not appear if I use Netscape or Explorer.

I have been able to successfully process spam with this browser in the past

This is a new problem, just encountered for the first time yesterday, and it is persisting.


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You only mention "processing spam via the Safari browser" .. not mentioned was the actual processing mode involved ... for instance, I just moved a Topic yesterday from another user using Safari and dealing with the web-mail interface .. it was moved to the E-Mail Forum ... if your processing was also using web-mail, I'll merge this Topic into that one ... if you're talking about the web page with the the "paste your spam in this box" .. then we're also talking different issues, different problems, or maybe just different symptoms of the same problem .. but will need a bit more definition from your perspective as to what exactly all is involved.

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