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Mail sanitizer reports us :-(


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http://mailtools.anomy.net/ seems to "sanitize" e-mails. Among those cleanings, there's one that strips CR (carriage return) characters from headers. As I was the researcher who found this bug, the Mailtools package links to the page that describes (or rather: described) the bug, namely


(Original page to be found at outlookbug2.html)

The headers say things like:

Sanitizer (start="1087826979"):

SanitizeFile (filename="unnamed.txt", mimetype="text/plain"):

Match (names="unnamed.txt", rule="9"):

Enforced policy: accept

Bare CR removed from header (re:


Total modifications so far: 1

Of course, this is after *delivery*, i.e. the final mail server does these cleanups.

Now what I could do, of course, is tell those Mailtools people to not include this URL. But that means giving in to spammers, right? So is there a way to have spamcop report this URL as "mostly harmless", i.e. as a non spam related URL?

I am, of course, aware of the fact that there is more to it than just this simple question (i.e. no one knows if I'm not the secret entity behind mailtools.anomy.net and this is my method to start spamming for Larger Limbs in the near future), so I'm open to any suggestions.


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I'm not familiar with the item you're discussing, so I've got to go take a look to figure out what it is, what and when it's used, etc. But just reading youe query, I'm at a basic loss as to your statement of "is tell those Mailtools people to not include this URL" .... I haven't quite figured out the point of reference, or what URL you are actually asking about. Maybe this will be answered after I get the time to go take a look at whatever this thing is ...???

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