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FTC contemplating bounties


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spam is like crime, its more profitable to allow it up to a certain level. spam profits banks, shipping companies, credit card processors, ISP, major bandwidth sellers, etc. These groups give millions to (in the US) our rulers to maintain the status quo.


Certain types of spam are a crime.

Selling illegal drugs, tobacco, kiddie porn, pump & dumps, fake lottery scams, identity theft, then stealing others resources to deliver the crap or hijacking millions of machines with viri and worms does nothing to help the economy and we need none of it.

spam does not help the economy. spam is a burden on business that eats billions of dollars a year. There is nothing good about spam.

We do not have rulers here, we have elected officials that work for us, the taxpayers and many of these groups as you call them pay less taxes than most but that is another discussion on its own.

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