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Paranoid mailhost

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I think I would have to ask you for help with configuring a mailhost server at my academic institution. Probably the guys over there are a bit paranoid on your mail server's domain, since every time I try to configure it, the message is not accepted, with this message shown in the browser:

Connecting to mrelay.technion.ac.il.:

smtpSend:smtpEnvelope (service[at]admin.spamcop.net, x[at]tx.technion.ac.il): smtpTo rcpt to:x[at]tx.technion.ac.il (450 : Recipient address rejected: Greylisted for 60 seconds... )

I am able to receive messages from other people on this account, but it's only the spamcop's message that can't get through.

So I wonder, if there's any remedy/workaround to the problem? What should I tell my admins to resolve it?

Thanks for any reply.


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Sorry for not carefully reading the board before posting the message.

This has been addressed in this thread already.

I just tried to re-post it shortly after, and it worked.

Hi, Michael!

...Great job (better late than never)! Thanks for letting us know. Glad it worked. :) <g>

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