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Confusing ... are you submitting them as spam?

Parsing input: http://www.paycenter.com.cn

host (getting name) no name

Reporting addresses:


role: CNCGroup Hostmaster

e-mail: abuse[at]cnc-noc.net

address: No.156,Fu-Xing-Men-Nei Street,

address: Beijing,100031,P.R.China

nic-hdl: CH455-AP

phone: +86-10-68019956

fax-no: +86-10-68019958

country: CN

admin-c: CH444-AP

tech-c: CH444-AP

changed: abuse[at]cnc-noc.net 20031016


source: APNIC

person: sun ying

address: Beijing Telecommunication Administration

address: TaiPingHu DongLi 18, Xicheng District

address: Beijing 100031

country: CN

phone: +86-10-66198941

fax-no: +86-10-68511003

e-mail: suny[at]publicf.bta.net.cn

nic-hdl: SY21-AP


changed: suny[at]publicf.bta.net.cn 19980824

source: APNIC

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The reason why I am asking is I keep receiving spam from a registrant zhang jun who owns several domains (I know 'cause I get all the spam) and most of it comes the registrant paycenter.com.cn. His WHOIS e-mail address spring2004[at]126.com does not exist (not surprised) so I'm wondering how can I contact this guy and tell him to go pound sand.

Sorry in advance if this is a stupid question, I am a newbie trying to fight spam.

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I posted the data you requested. From your next statements, perhaps you could take up the alleged bad address with the domain registrar, but sometimes this gets to be a real pain ... recall that in theory there has to be some kind of valid address for the registrar to send their next billing notice, just for a small example ...

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