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Leaseweb denies its responsibility as a web host


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One of my recent reports through SpamCop was sent to abuse[AT]us.leaseweb.com, because of the spam referenced web site moncler.latproperty.com ( : 6747795580 (https://www.spamcop.net/sc?track=http%3A%2F%2Fmoncler.latproperty.com%2F)

The reply they made was quite surprising to me :


Dear Sir/ Madam,

Your abuse notification has been processed and marked as resolved by our customer. LeaseWeb therefore considers this issue as concluded. If you feel our customer has not resolved the original notification or it is not adequately resolved, please inform us by responding to this ticket.

Please keep in mind the nature of the services LeaseWeb provides. LeaseWeb rents servers with an internet connection to customers and resellers. LeaseWeb does not provide the web software, nor does it configure, host or maintain the websites of its customers or of their customers’ customer. LeaseWeb therefore has no dealings with the content on the servers, nor can it remove, add or change that content. The only person who will be able to do this will be the operator of the website.

Any illicit activities within a particular LeaseWeb company’s network shall be dealt with solely based on received notifications for such separate LeaseWeb company.

It is important to note that LeaseWeb is the brand name under which various independent and distinct LeaseWeb companies operate. Each of those companies is a separate and distinct corporate entity that provides services in a particular geographic area. Consequently, each separate LeaseWeb company is actually and legally not able to monitor the data its customers store on or communicate through any other LeaseWeb company’s network.

Notifications therefore must be made to the correct LeaseWeb entity. In case of new information on the facts your notification has been based on, please submit a new notification via the available abuse routes, which are found at: www.leaseweb.com/abuse-prevention

Thank you for your notification and your co-operation with us.

Kind regards,

Abuse Prevention department
LeaseWeb Global B.V.

To read more about Abuse Prevention at LeaseWeb, please visit https://www.leaseweb.com/abuse-prevention


I can't understand how LeaseWeb may rents servers, and not being a host...

What do you think about that they say distinct companies should be contacted for illicit activities ? We are talking about an IP from the US, so abuse[AT]US.leaseweb.com should be appropriated. Then, we are talking about a site selling counterfeit products, which should also be considered as phishing (and I've reported it as such with Firefox). I don't think this is allowed in any of the countries where Leaseweb operates.

Did some of you has already received such a reply from a web host ?

Then for further cases, can SpamCop handle all the abuse address they list here : https://www.leaseweb.com/abuse-prevention ?

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1 hour ago, Mysterion said:

I can't understand how LeaseWeb may rents servers, and not being a host...

Please see Spammer Rules #1, Lexical Contradiction.  Another example of this type of thinking would be, A rental company does not take responsibility for the accident caused by the rented car.  In your case LeaseWeb makes to much money to police their customers.

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OK ;) I'm not that used to spammers' friends rhetoric, now can be sure this was just a common lie.

Well I don't know if their reply was just a standard one and they actually removed the content, or if the registrar made the housekeeping, but today the domain doesn't reply to ping requests and can't even be found via WHOIS. Could that explain why now when I click on the report link (https://www.spamcop.net/sc?track=http%3A%2F%2Fmoncler.latproperty.com%2F) a message " No valid email addresses found, sorry! " is shown ?

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