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Blocking addresses on Yahoo mail


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Is it possible to use wild cards in addresses blocked on Yahoo mail?  I have been receiving a load of spoof Amazon mails (reported to Amazon, but just get their standard reply).

I've blocked the return address several times as they keep changing it, hence the wild card question...

The Yahoo 'help' pages are like a maze, so I couldn't find anything there.


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Hi. My first post on this forum.
I'm not sure what a 'Wild card' is on Yahoo. But it's the 'FROM' mail address you need to block, and not the 'RETURN PATH' mail address. You can get the relevant info from the 'more' and view 'raw message' option on the Yahoo mail page. If it's a persistent spammer, which it sounds as though it is. You'll find the 'From' mail address changes every time too.

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