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Amazon customer details hacked


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Spamcop often sends spam reports to the bitbucket (/devnull). Very often this is justified. For instance when a spam includes a link to the valid URL of a commercial bank or business, trying to make their phish pitch seem genuine. That the well-known URL has been included in the spam is in no way the fault of the bank or business and there is nothing they can do about it.

However, recently some web businesses, such as amazon.com, have been compromised and e-mail addresses exclusively shared with them by their customers, such as me, have suddenly started receiving spam. And very nasty spam at that: links which if clicked will encrypt every file on my system and make me liable for extortionate payments: ransomware.

This was today the case with my amazon.com account. I was therefore very disappointed to see SpamCop protecting amazon.com by not allowing my report of this serious security breach to be sent to postmaster@amazon,com  Of course I could send a copy of this report myself, but amazon would simply reject my e-mail as being from an insignificant individual and not even read it, whereas SpamCop reports carry status, which as a faithful SpamCop reporter of many years standing, I feel myself entitled to leverage.

SpamCop should cease to protect postmaster@amazon,com from SpamCop reports, because amazon.com has clearly been hacked and their customer confidentiality breached.

Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6425955718ze5e589fdfe4e3c3f466cdcb069cf85fcz

I can supply confidential details such as compromised e-mail address to a moderator by PM.

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Please do not PM me any confidential details.  I would not want nor have a use for any confidential information.

I think you have miss-read the purpose of sending reports to /devnull.  The purpose is not to 'protect' the recipient.  There are several valid reasons to /devnull reports, including a request to not receive reports.  There is no point to cluttering cyber space or amazon's inbox with unwanted spam reports.

FYI /devnull is not a bitbucket.  The reports are retained by SC for historical analysis.

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/devnull prevents reports going to those who would otherwise get them. That is what I mean by protecting them. In my opinion there is a very valid reason, i.e. my address and credit card details with them have been compromised, for sending these reports to amazon's inbox.

SC's historical analysis is certainly worthy, but there is stuff going on on the battlefront here.

I will certainly not send you any unwanted PMs, though I would have liked to prove to someone that amazon.com accounts have been compromised.

NB Amazon doesn't even have a public e-mail address to which I could report abuse. A rapidly increasing tendency among the Internet behemoths.

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