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Incorrect source information being returned?


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Over the last fortnight, I've had cause to report numerous e-mails coming from IP addresses in the - range. SpamCop is listing these as coming from Host1Plus.com, and is sending reports to abuse@host1plus.com. 

I've posted on one of Host1Plus's social media pages requesting that they take action (as the SC reports don't appear to having any effect), and they're claiming that the IP range is nothing to do with them. WHOIS searches shows that the range actually belongs to NodeBlade Solutions LLC (although at least one also shows the range as being allocated to AFRINIC). Another search shows Quadraet as being involved.

I've begun manually adding abuse@nodeblade.com in the "User Notification" field - just wondering why SC is returning Host1Plus.com as the source instead of NodeBlade?

Alternatively, it's quite possible that I'm misunderstanding something!

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1 hour ago, Keats said:

The IP is wired for SpamCop to send reports to 1&1 

the actual reporting address is abuse [ at  ] nodeblade [ dot ] com

spamCop Legacy issues mean that unlikely for this to be changed I use IPNetInfo (WhoIs) to get real reporting address. Windows Defender though did give false positive on IPNetInfo (seems MS have fixed issue)

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