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Glitch with HTTP authentication log-in?


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Guess this counts as a "problem with using the reporting system", maybe I'm overlooking something simple again, but just to pretend I'm not:

When using the new mole log-in (HTTP authentication and paste-in submission) the first submission of a session seems to be accepted and subsequently reported okay but then the submission page comes back with an "Unreported spam saved" message. The "unreported" spam is that already reported and of course needs next to be deleted without reporting. This hasn't happened with subsequent submissions in the same session so far - for whatever reason. Report IDs and parsing URLs for accepted and cancelled reports from the "Report history" in a recent case are:

Submitted: Thursday, July 15, 2004 09:48:48 +0800:





Submitted: Thursday, July 15, 2004 09:48:48 +0800:



Not too hard to live with, I guess, but "it ain't right," and should perhaps be looked at to avert the (slight) risk of duplicate reports, especially if it is also happening with "real" (as opposed to mole) reports. No problem with forwarded spam, haven’t tried the cookie log-in.

[Added] Hmmm .... I'm unable to replicate the effect now.

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I saw the same thing on regular reporting yesterday, but not today. It happened a couple or three times yesterday. The report would parse, claim to be reported, only to come back next in the queue and this time the parse would be different. Since it was a duplicate report, the second one had to be cancelled.

Sorry, no tracking ID's.


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