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They're not just spammers any more!

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CNN is running a story about one Scott Levine and his spam company located in (surprise surprise!) Florida. Not content to just be a lowlife spammer, Levine and his company Snipermail decided to move up into some more aggressive means of getting customers and targets. Snipermail (which Spamhaus links to everyone's favorite thief Eddie Marin) broke into the information systems of Acxiom Corp and stole over 8 gigs of customer data. Levine (who CNN obfuscatingly referred to as "distributing advertisements via the Internet" instead of "stealing bandwith and your credit report!" has earned himself a 144 count indictment and, if my dreams come true, some playtime in the showers with the State Penitentiary welcoming committee.

The worst part of this whole thing is that when I did a quick Google for info on Snipermail all I got was one mention after another of "double-opt-in-confirmed-non-spam-verified-clean email marketing for your home business!" Woops! Turns out that some of the people in the biz are liars. Who knew?

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