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Mobile Connection POP3 to Spamcop GPRS

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hi - having problems popping to my spamcop e-mail account when connecting to internet via my gprs mobile phone. connection to spamcop webmail works ok. standard internet connection works ok. telephone provider advises some pop3 e-mail accounts don't work because of port blocking and/or firewall preventing mobile access. does this apply to spamcop? any help in overcoming this problem appreciated. i'm told that sometimes if ip number for pop3 server this can work.

with thanks in anticipation of your response

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http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=147 says that one user managed to read e-mail with a Palm ... but see that the promised feedback never arrived on some other issues. I believe their are a couple of other Topics from folks using mobile, but I'm a bit frazzled right now trying to sort out someone else's display/skin problem right now .... but I'm just pointing out that yes, it's possible, so whatever issues are involved, some more data on the actual connections points you're trying to use might open the door for some specific suggestions.
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