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Hard to say.  This would be an automatic email sent from the email handler at that domain.  I assume that the email from the system is an error message. What is the error message?

Most commonly this is an error message saying that the email "you" sent could not be delivered, with an error code in the 500 series.  If you did not send the email, which is attached to the error message, then a spammer has used your email in the FROM: or Return-Path: on his spam and sent spam to a bad mailbox.  The mailer-deamon the automatically then sends the error message letting "the sender" know the email was not delivered.

You could send an email to postmaster{AT}mogwo214.ocn.ad.jp  explaining the situation, assuming you did not send the email.

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What I did is to add my problem email addresses to my block list.  Then the messages are blocked at my border server.  I do not have to worry about sending bad bounce messages, because the problem email is not even accepted on my server.

A kinda off topic action that I performed is that I setup SRS and SPF so that it would prevent others from misusing my domain.  SRS works off the "return-path".  This has stopped the "mail bouncing emails" that I used to get.  A side note is that I have opened my my blacklist and current do not see any "bounces" for messages that "appeared to be sent from me".

I am guessing that a combination of these two items has been the reason as to why it has stopped for me, however, you situation could be slightly different.  If the sending (bouncing) server is on the spamcop blocklist, then just adding the bl.spamcop.net could stop or slow it down.

With it all said, like Lking said, the real problem needs to be worked by the postmaster of the server that is "sending you the bounces".  If that said individual does not respond, then the blocklisting and/or SPF is probably your next best option.

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I'm putting in my vote for tools like SPF. I believe backscaterrer[dot]org have on their website some examples of configuration for different servers that will help block bounces without restricting legitimate mail.

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