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Best way to report?


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I checked but I couldn't see this in the FAQ or the forum. Hopefully I haven't missed something obvious.

I've been reporting my spam but have a query about the best way to do so.

I'm using Forte Agent for my email and it doesn't automatically open html. So, when I have a spam email where the entire body consists of html I don't actually see it what's inside, it's in a separate section I have to double click. So, when I copy my email and paste it into a spam Report on the Report spam web interface there is only the headers with no body and therefore no links show up when parsed.

I am reluctant to open the html as I worry that it might send something back to the spammer indicating that I read it. Will the report work best if I include the html? And if so, how should I do it without indicating that I am a viable address and therefore getting more spam? (Which is what I'm trying to avoid ;) )



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