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Can't use SpamCop

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I have used spam Cop for years but lately I can't report any spam first because it said my authorization code was no longer valid, then after I have tried to re register, the password I was given won't get me in or something. The only thing I can think may have happened it that for the past several months I have been getting occasional messages from administrators that I have spammed people. They send me an e-mail, addressed with my e-mail address which was sent to someone I don't know and certainly didn't send that e-mail to. I have tried several times to ask the staff at hotmail what is happening with this, what does this mean, is my good name being misused by someone, what can I do about it. Hotmail never responded with information that helped me. Basically, they told me not to worry about it. Yeah, right! Talk about getting the brush off.

I like spamcop and would like to continue using it to report spam but this is becoming just too cumbersome and problematic. There is no contact address anymore to ask for help. So I'm accessing this forum as a last ditch effort before totally giving up using SpamCop.

If there is anyone who can help me I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I guess I'll have to look for some other way to report spam. This would be a bummer for me because, as I have said, I have used SpamCop for years.




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It hurts that you say you've used SpamCop for years, but are surprised by the forging of your e-mail address, the cluelessness of the HotMail "support" system, and that there'd be a connection between all that and a SpamCop account issue.

As you suggest that this is a very recent problem, the guess would be that you have been using a "free" account. whci have been "forced" to a user name / password type of authorization. You indicate that you re-registered .. di you get the e-mail with your new account data? This e-mail had all kinds of instructions, links, and especially, what to do if you "forgot" your password.

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