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reporting via e-mail stopped working

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10 hours ago, mmoni said:


Reporting via e-mail stopped working for me yesterday. Reporting the same e-mails via copy and paste works as usual. What's wrong?

Check you email address is still working, or if your ISP has activated spam control

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So if the spam you are submitting to SC gets to the parser, please provide a Tracking URL so that others can see what is happening.

Without some real information, all others can do is guess at what the problem is you are experiencing.  Something has changed with your reporting path not affecting others. One of the tools you use to submit email has changed/upgraded or something your ISP uses has been changed, upgraded or reconfigured to affect your email submitting path.

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40 minutes ago, mmoni said:

I don't know what's changed but the issue has been fixed.

When SC get's a bounce it won't report for "X"(?)  amount of time

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