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Has anyone gotten SPAM for this?


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Keep in mind that most "OEM Software" is sold by the manufacture for installation in "sub assemblies" (computers) that are then sold to the public. They generally do not permit for the legal resale of the software apart from its incorporation into a larger package. As such, most of it should be considered as pirate software and should be avoided, unless of course you follow the belief that all software should be copied and sold freely, in which case who cares if it is legal or not? Well I vote for legal software.

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As for the OEM software part, it is pirated software.

fallen-prices.info hosted on CHINANET-HE

Another reason for blocking China.




Justt more pondscum trying to fleece you of your cash.

Their whois info a surely fraudulent.

Liars, cheaters, and criminals, report em and forget em.

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