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Mail Not Getting Through

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I have a spamcop.net e-mail account. I have mail from our web host forwarded to this address. Everything was working EXTREMELY well until a few hours ago. Since then, no e-mail has been forwarded. Mail sent directly to my spamcop.net e-mail account gets to me without delay. Mail sent to the forwarded address is being returned to the sender with the following message:

Your message could not be delivered to the following addresses.

The email address is bad. Either it could not be successfully parsed

(too many syntax errors existed in it) or the email address didn't pass

the address syntax checking phase. If the box and hostname are not listed,

the address was likely an email list recipient that could not be parsed

(recognized by the computer) due to a high number of syntax errors in

the address. A descriptive error of the exact syntax problem should follow.


Acount does not have valid delivery information

Any idea what's wrong or how to fix it? I've contacted our web host who is looking to see if they are being blocked by spamcop for some reason.


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When and if SpamCop does bounce mail for no such address, where is it sent to?

The IP address that spam Cop directly received the message from?

The orignial IP address the message was sent to?

The not recommended to be used reply to or from email address?

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According to a quick test I just did, it rejects during the SMTP transaction so the sending server would generate the bounce message to the client. does not like recipient.

Remote host said: 550 sorry, no such user here (#5.7.1)

Giving up on is mailgate.cesmail.net

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