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WEBmail Unable to move spam to held folder?

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I like to move suspicious mail there to open it in text format. The only option now is to guess it and report as spam or delete it


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What in the world are you talking about? the VER interface? WebMail interface?

Someother interface?

In VER just click on the preview link and the message opens up (and I just tested to be sure it still worked)

In WebMail just double click on the subjet and the message opens up regardless of what folder you are in (Inbox, Heldmail, Trash) again tested and still works

In WebMail you can moves messages between any folder

In VER there is no access to your Inbox only the ability to forward messages from heldmail to inbox (or your presellected destination if so setup)

I also check moving messages from heldmail to another folder and from inbox to heldmail and it works fine and I tested it as a single message and as a block to 239 messages with no problems

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What in the world are you talking about? the VER interface?  WebMail interface?

Someother interface?


Someone has woken up it is now back to Normal. Thank you

(I were talking of "WebMail" inbox moving it to my held/VER folder so I can veiw it in text format)

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