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SpamCop Down


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Yesterday, I'd forward spam from my email client to my super secret spamcop email address but when I went to the web interface to "Report Now" link, the link was not there. Hours later the "Report Now" links were not there. I assumed my spam forwards had gotten 86'd in the server rebuild. And, the web interface was slow to load, painfully so.

OK, now there is a "Report Now" link on the web interface.

OK, I Reported two, third one parser results stalled, refreshed, parse completed.

Submitted/reported #3.

All right #4 through #12 went pretty good, but on a couple of them when I clicked "Report Now" link the browser was active for a moment, then it went dead, and the Report Now link was still there for me to click on again which I did successfully.

No need to reply. FYI only.

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I experienced serious delays last night, but this morning when I logged in, the spam that I had forwarded as attachements were waiting to be reported and I experienced no problems with the reporting itself.

Edit, it is now late morning and reporting is working normally for me (no problems, no slowness)

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