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Changing SMTP/POP same email address

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I am in process of changing a portion of my DSL service....

With that comes a slight change in my email

My actual external address stays the same!!

wontgiveithere[at]prodigy.net :D

However my POP server changes

from pop.prodigy.net



In other words, I am assimilated into the Yahoo 'family'... let's not go there!

The question is:

When/how do I reset Mailhosts?

Do I 'drop' the old setup and resend test mails?

Do I leave the old setup and say again, that I am


and run through it and let it add.

What has people's experience been in migarating within the SBC 'family'?

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Hi, xzr1tv!


When/how do I reset Mailhosts?



  1. Navigate to http://www.spamcop.net/
  2. Click the button labeled "Mailhosts"
  3. Next to the button labeled "Delete host" select your mailhosts entry
  4. Click the button labeled "Delete host"
  5. Click the link labeled "Add new hosts" and proceed

...HTH! Good luck.

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