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Not receiving email to complete reporting


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OK, still doing the interpreter thing ... here's Mike Easter's comback from "over there" ...

WazoO wrote:

> "WazoO" <nobody[at]devnull.spamcop.net> wrote in message

> news:cj24ra$jf2$1[at]news.spamcop.net...

>> http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2700


>> "Bob" came up with a wild scenario ... Mike E. - is

>> this a known issue? (yet <g>) Here's a bit of a clip;


> Well, the invite to come directly "here" wasn't taken,

> but in the follow-up, "Bob" offers his thanks to

> Mike Easter and Blammo (though offering some

> debate points <g>) Trying to convert his last

> post to plain text to cart over here just looked like

> too much work, so passing on the thanks at

> least ... invitation to take a look at his last to

> catch his points .. but as his problem is

> "resolved" ....????

Okay. I saw what he sed. Thanks. I can't discuss the 'quality' or

veracity of EL's screenshots for Navigator instructions, as I'm not

Navigator. And, EL has been known to be 'inconsistent' which is one form

of 'wrong' in their instructions for certain things which include


EL's instructions for submitting 'complete' spam to their junkmail

feedback system if you are using OE would have you open the spam and go

thru' some machinations which would lead to you copying rendered spam

pasted under the complete headers. Other EL instructions for other

agents would have you using unrendered spam under complete headers.

The only thing which is consistent about that part of the EL instructions

is that they do manage to get complete headers, which I guess is really

their target. I doubt if they care anything about proper identification

of the spambody content; but I don't know what Brightmail does at their

place, which is the EL spamfilter provider, and the ultimate recipient of

the EL junkmail address.


Mike Easter

kibitzer, not SC admin

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