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recived email from sumxxxxxx{AT}admin.spamcop.net

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Today i receved email from sumxxxxxxxx{AT}admin.spamcop.net that said  IPv6 2001:67c:2b58:1:0:0:0:30 is listed.
However when i go to Query bl.spamcop.net it says that I'm not listed! VERRY strange!

So I logged in my account "ISP control center" and query it there. It says I'm senT spam 5 hours ago. 

Also I can't find any report that has been sent to me about the listing, Only the email from sumxxxxxxxx{AT}admin.spamcop.net.

Next stange thing. I have firewall rules that map smtp traffic to a log server but this time i can't find anything. Also I have checked all hosting accounts on that server but nothing out of order. So How can I stop this spammer? I need more information about who is spamming from my server.

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Hello and welcome. Thank you for being a conscientious admin!

If you post the IPv4 of that SMTP then we (your fellow-users) might be able to dig out some information. However, if it was a spamtrap hit then no details will be forthcoming, as a matter of policy.


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9 hours ago, Jonas Mellergård said:

webb server ( 2001:67c:2b58:1:0:0:0:30) forwards everything to log/externalmail/server at has multiple ip numbers in the net

Seems it was removed from the  blocklist by ISP

Parsing input:

[report history]
ISP believes this issue is resolved


ISP believes this issue is resolved: - no date available


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