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Re: blocked... - All spam traps.


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Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2004 13:46:43 -0700

From: "Abuse" <abuse[at]internetwebhosting.com>

Subject: [sC-Help] Re: blocked... - All spam traps.

To: spamcop-help[at]news.spamcop.net

Message-ID: <c03irm$i6e$1[at]news.spamcop.net>

"John Malmberg" <a[at]all.addresses.on.cdrom.are.invalid.aaa> wrote in message


> [title corrected]

> Abuse wrote:

> > I am trying to figure out which user caused this:

> >

> > http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblock&ip=


> <snip report unfortunately missing any evidence>

> Move to first backup:


> http://www.moensted.dk/spam/?addr=


> Level 2 SPEWS listing, but that is not why you are here.

Ouch, this is new. I have written "pajo" and demanded they remove the (1)

remaing level 1 domain on their netblock. I will cheefully apply pressure.

> Mail-abuse.org lookup shows no record of that I.P.


> Google does not show anything either for that I.P. in

> news.admin.net-abuse.sightings.


> Google does not show anything either for either of your obvious domain

> names in news.admin.net-abuse.sightings.


> > However, when I log into my reports area, I dont see ANY complaints at all.

> > Once I find out who caused this, they are toast.

> > I need to see the header of the mail that shows the UID/GID or originating

> > domain, I am using EXIM which stamps all that in the headers for me.


> You are making an assumption that the reported e-mail came through your

> mail server program. That is not always the case.


> > Any help would be appreciated.


> Some of this you will likely already know:


> http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=140&st=5


> Unless someone does a test on your server that reveals the problem or

> produces a sample spam, your only hope to get a clue on what caused the

> listing is to contact the deputies. That would be deputies(at)spamcop.net.


> What has shown up in the past is that when a server hitting spam traps,

> and not showing up anywhere else, it is a strong indication that the

> server may be generating auto-responses to viruses and spam instead of

> using SMTP rejects.


> Human reporters to spamcop.net are not allowed to report viruses and

> things that auto-respond to them, even though many wish they could.


> spam-traps may be under different rules.


> -John

> [snip e-mail address]

> Personal Opinion Only

Ugg.. I did not know that. I recently installed Clam Anti Virus /

MailSacnner. It appears when it detected a virus it would send the sender a

notice stating they have sent a virus. I am guessing this is where the spam

complaints came from, given that most of the email addresses for the reply

were probably fake.

thanks for your help John. I have disabled the notices. :-)

Jeremy Martinez


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