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ARIN having problems?


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Tracking URL:


Currently it is reporting:, Timeout (20 seconds) while querying[at]whois.arin.net

and then

Fatal error parsing spam: Connect failed in s_whois: Interrupted system call[at]whois.arin.net

Try again later?

Is ARIN having problems?


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I had a similar query late yesterday.

Ah, sorry. I did look through the recent postings, and even used the forum search button, but did not come across that posting.

I tried 3-5 times before the parser made it to the end of reporting sequence.

Wazoo thought it was connectivity, though I hope this is not going to become a pattern.


Right after I posted it succeeded in parsing. Part of my ulterior motive was to establish a data point in case something non-obvious or sneaky-spammer-ish was going on.


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