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:rolleyes: Ahhhh!

Yes indeedee!

At first I thought I'd somehow changed my "settings" but a few days later I read what I don't usually bother to read (the bottom of the page). Great Job!

Now it seems so much easier to read and process spam if needed.

I'd like to thank ALL those involved for the difficult work they are doing.

I was one who was receiving well over a 100 unwanted emails from "pill pushers", "adult sites" and...well you all know "the drill" and where I'm coming from.

About 6 months ago I was forced to switch severs, even though SPAMCOP was doing everything correct. Disabled with cancer I was going crazy dealing with the unwanted email as well as helping to track down those who "targeted" me.

With SPAMCOP my email has again settled down to what it is supposed to be.

Now my email is again an efficient and simple way of corresponding to family, friends and others (financial and business accounts).

Once in awhile a "Thank You" is well deserved.

That is the purpose of this post.



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