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trouble with cloudflare spammer


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lately, I have to manually alter every cloudflare spammer link.
I noticed a few weeks ago, that whenever I reporte cloudflare spam (I call it cloudflare spam because the links are hosted by cloudflare, and the spammer spoofs an inactive IP range -- currently CCAMATIL ( 167.103.249.nnn ) -- and seems to be getting away with it) a few seconds later, fresh spam from, you guessed it, cloudflare fills my inbox.

So, whenever SpamCop analyzes the links (just touches them), the spam gets triggered. Now I munge the ID number and alter it verbally as: e.g.


where the 5 in this example is the last of 13 digits




in this case it's 8 ...


it would be nice if SC could refrain from using the full path so that the visitor trap doesn't get triggered

And yeah, the originating IP address is also a problem as there is no real owner for the range, even though indirectly it belongs to the Australian branch (Amatil) of Coca-Cola.

APNIC told me that someone is spoofing those IP ranges.

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