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How to detect spam ?


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I wrote an program to hlep me sending over than 2000 mails (only ONE TIME). The probleme is some persons considerate my mail as a spam, i think they use an anti-spam program...so i wanna know why do they concider my mail as a spam...knowing that i added 'Don't send me anymore' in the end of th message.

What should i do ?


PS : if this is not the appropriate forum, please help me find the right one :)

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The first thing you should do is to read the FAQ on responsible mailing lists:

Responsible Mailing List Management Helps

The bottom line is that you have to get permission from the recipient to send email or it is unsolicited and therefore spam. Even the FTC does not recommend using a 'remove' (Do not send any more) because almost half of them are bogus so including that does not make your email legitimate.

Miss Betsy

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