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This board already has me registered?


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This Forum thing was put into place as a support vehicle for those that couldn't deal with NNTP newsgroup stuff and (in theory) a place not quite so technically oriented. So specifically, this Forum thing is in place for those that wish to use it.

That said, it's a stand-alone type thing, so the database created when someone registers here has no connection to any of the other SpamCop database of those registered users. For instance, there a large quantity of folks that registered "here" to discuss the fact that they were foinf on the SpamCopDNSbl ... nothing to do with a Reporting or E-mail account.

What I'm not sure I'm following in your story is what you were trying to do exactly. You'd come up with a name/identity/handle/whatever that folks would identify you with ... and then you'd provide an e-mail address so that the confirmation (and possible problem) messages could flow. I'm not sure where you'd run into an "account already in use" other than you tried to use an "identity" that someone else has already snagged, but that should have had nothing to do with an e-mail account. Were you perhaps trying to use your e-mail address as your "screen name" ..??? (Though noting that some other folks have done exactly this for some strange reason)

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