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Unable to log out


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I recently installed Firefox 1.0. Both my wife and I have accounts here. Today I tried to log out so that I could log back in as her and when I click the logout link from the reporting page (http://www.spamcop.net/) It refreshes like it has done something, but it does not log me out.

I ended up having to run IE to report her spam.

Maybe it is a setting in Firefox, but I have looked and have not been able to determine the cause. The logout link works in IE, but not in this version of Firefox. I even closed and re-opened Firefox after clicking the link several times.

Any suggestions?

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Ok, when I switched to Firefox I let Firefox import all my cookies, settings, bookmarks and such from IE.

The cookie was set by IE and was not letting me log out.

I have resolved this issue by clearing all cookies and then logging back in using FireFox. Now when I click on logout, it works.

Users who switch may need to keep this issue in mind.

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