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White/Black List Interface Is *NOT* User Friendly


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Let me specify a few problems with it:

* Only 15 addresses displayed per page; and no option to change this. Why

can't I just see all of addresses on one page?

* There is no way to go to a particular page. The user must hit the 'Next'

button to goto their desired page. This morning I had 25 pages in my

whitelist (see my follow-up post to find out why so many). Do you know how

frustrating it is to hit the 'Next' button 25 times just to get to the last

page? (After a while I figured out I could change the 'page=' argument

within the URL, but I seriously doubt if the average user would catch on to


* If a user deletes an address (let's say on page 25), the system returns

the user to the first page therefore causing the user to hit the 'Next'

button 25 more times to get back to their desired location. Very frustrating


* There is no way to edit the address itself. A user must delete the address

and then add it back if it simply needs to be updated.

* There is no way to select all the addresses to delete. A user must

manually click EVERY selection checkbox to select them all. Let's see, if I

had wanted to delete my entire whitelist this morning, I would have had to

manually click 375 checkboxes (25 pages x 15 addresses per page = 375

checkboxes) to delete them. And that doesn't include all the 'Next' button

clicks to just get to the desired pages.

I spent over a hour cleaning up my whitelist this morning. Whereas if it

were a properly designed and user friendly interface it should have taken no

more than 2 minutes. The White/Black List Interface Is *NOT* User Friendly

at all and is a big time-consumer.

For a white/black listing interface, PLEASE implement what SC had before SC

implemented the Horde system. Just give us a big text box where we can cut

and paste a list of addresses to submit. It certainly would make my life

easier. Keep it simple stupid.

Or at the very least give us the option to see ALL of our white/black list

entries on ONE page.

Rant - Over and out.


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SC has a confirmation dialog for submitting spam. Why doesn't it have the

same confirmation for releasing and whitelisting?

This morning I scanned my held mail folder for legit email. After I had

cleared it and there was only spam left, I selected all messages and

attempted to report them as spam. Unfortunately my wireless mouse had a

hiccup and I ended up clicking 'Release and Whitelist' instead. There was no

confirmation dialog to make sure I wanted to do this. So I ended up with a

cluttered inbox and 222 unwanted spammers' email addresses in my whitelist.

I spent over a hour cleaning all this up (see my post on the whitelist

interface not being user friendly to find why it took so long).

Please implement an 'Are You Sure?' confirmation dialog for releasing and



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