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No logout option


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Using IE6, logged in on the www.spamcop.net web page, I see a "Logout" button at the top right of my screen. (What I'm not seeing now is the button to change "views" of that page, so not sure if that's a possible issue.)

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There's no "Logout" on that system, which uses HTTP authentication, as opposed to login form on a web page. I think the only option is to close the browser window.


Interesting. Never noticed this before. I normally log in with the Mac Safari browser and cookies enabled with the plain URL "spamcop.net." I normally see links to "Help," "Site Map," "Text sizes," and a "Log Out" button in the upper right of the page. However, when I go to the link DavidT posted above (with cookies enabled or disabled), there is no "Log Out" button.

In an ancient version of IE I still keep around (v 5.2.2 - which I don't think supports Cascading Style Sheets), the site looks somewhat different (no rollover "tab" links) and there's no "Log Out" button.

Tested with Firefox 1.0 and the site looks fine with DavidT's link, but there's no "Log Out" button.

As a web designer, I know how hard it is to develop pages that look and function the same way on every possible platform and browser configuration. I'm guessing that's what's going on here and can only suggest quitting the browser to log out if there's no "Log Out" button.

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