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mailhosts totally confuses me as what to do

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Tried several times to do the mailhosts but I keep getting confused about what to do. I have three outside accounts, one automatically forwards to spamcop the other two spamcop logs in and downloads email. I understand that my spamcop account has been automatically converted. But the other three confuse me as to what steps I should do and how to do them.

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Since none of the 3 accounts seem to forward to each other before getting to spamcop, it does not matter the order you use to configure them.

1. Go to the mailhost tab and click the Add new hosts link.

2. In the top box, enter the email address that goes through one of the paths to you (if you have more than one address at a host, you only need to do this once for that host).

3. In th bottom box enter a reasonable name for this host (usually the ISP that handles the mail). This name may not matter if the ISP is already in the system, the existing name will be used in your configuration.

4. Click the "Continue to step 2" link.

5. In step 2 you will want to click the Proceed button with the defaults unless you know of a reason to uncheck one or more of the hosts listed. Notice how many hosts will be tested.

6. Now, collect the messages at the location you normally collect them for this email address. If the messages forward to spamcop's email system, collect them there. According to your description, I am going to assume this is the case.

7. When all of the messages from step 5 above have arrived, open the first one and look for the mhconf.<secret code here>[at]cmds.spamcop.net email address just above the Special codes at the bottom of the message. Select this email address and copy it to the buffer (Control-C in Windows).

8. Go back to the inbox view, place a check mark next to each of the probe messages (Spamcop account configuration email) and click the Forward link and paste (Control-V) the address into the To field in the new message. Send this message.

9. You should receive a "Spamcop account configuration: success" email shortly and you are done with this host. If not, follow the directions in the failure email.

Repeat for the other 2 hosts. You should be able to actually do steps 1-5 for the 3 different hosts then only do steps 6-8 once, but it might get confusing.

You are done. Good luck.

P.S. I redid my spamcop configuration to get these directions correctly.

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Loads of references to mailhosts , but where is it? Looked on main site, but can't find it!

Log into "your" www.spamcop.net web page ... click on the MailHost Tab/Button ...

The help page at http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/397.html says "click the add/change link below" but there isn't one - am I just being retarded?  :huh:

Wow! This goes back to when an IronPort staffer was additionally tasked to rewrite some of those FAQs ... the clickable link went to some instructions in which she had even used her own address as part of the instructions .... Note kicked off to RW for a bit of re-write on that FAQ entry. Thanks for the heads-up!

On the other hand, there is data available here in the Forum FAQ that should have cleared things up ...????

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