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At last; a use for spam.


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  • 2 years later...

Nowhere near as good as silentlarry's instance but yeah, the sudden absence of regular spam (on a non-filtered account) following a (planned) server shut-down indicates that the back-up server hasn't released saved messages yet. Or was shut down too. Or doesn't exist. We shall find out. And whether the (hypothetical) release can be tickled into action before its (supposed) programmed time and other interesting things no-one seems to know at this time. And if it all fell in a hole, time to start a mail-out to contacts thoughout 18 hours' worth of timezones.

So, spam is (subject to how the ISP "handles" it) the "mine canary" of the internet. But it never dies.

And for the delectation of a whole new "generation" of spamsufferers, this serves to bump silentlarry's hillarious "find" (I had quite forgotten it).

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...Or doesn't exist. We shall find out. ...
We found out. Never trust outside "network solutions." Trust your spam canary.

Not all bad, the backup server was not quite implemented but the feed-through storage part of it was. Every email (and every spam) ever received for 2 years + is sitting there in frightful array. We've already seen them. Apart from about 12 hours worth. Just to be sure, we will get the last 7 days worth to review. And (hopefully) get the backup working on its 1/2 hour first retry (etc.) and delete-on-delivery cycle before storage volume exceeds some theoretical maximum. Or physically collapses into a black hole and recedes beyond the event horizon. Not as bad as recursive backup but anyway, today we do our part to save the planet (donations accepted).

Now, you see, this is one instance where decreasing storage costs do not work to the advantage of the user-consumer. As well as being an instance where spam was (briefly) useful.

"Poorly drawn cartoons inspired by real spam subject lines."


was much more fun though.
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